With his colleague, the clarinettist Chris Swann, Nic Fallowfield offers these day workshops for amateur orchestras.

A typical day is divided into four sessions, Nic initially taking a rehearsal with the strings while Chris works with the winds and brass. After the breaks Nic conducts rehearsals with the whole orchestra together.

The sessions take place in a relaxed atmosphere and yet are hard-working and instructive as well as being entertaining. The tutors’ engaging and encouraging manner makes all participants feel valued and able to give of their best.

The objective is to assist participants in gaining new insights into their work by demonstrating various aspects of instrumental and ensemble technique and to reinforce the points their own conductor makes, enhancing the whole music-making experience and creating maximum enjoyment for players and listeners alike.

Repertoire for the days varies. Often a single work, usually a symphony, is studied. With larger works it is enough to look only at a couple of movements. On other occasions a whole programme may be covered. Nic and Chris are happy to offer suggestions in advance as to suitable repertoire to consider.

If you would like more details of the Orchestral Techniques Workshop Days please use the form on the Contacts page.


...stimulating, informative and fun!

...[they] are both extremely patient and encouraging with amateur players and share their skills and love of music in a very generous way.’

...challenged the more competent musicians without making the less experienced...feel left out.’

...the workshop was conducted in a thoroughly congenial, friendly and at times memorably witty manner. The whole experience was very valuable and I look forward to taking part again.’